Smooth. Sleek. Seamless

Every pool deserves a PoolEdge System. It’s a pool surround that flows and wraps around the water. A single unbroken transition that is as fluid and alluring as the surface of the water itself. The perfect colour. The ideal non-slip texture. A truly flawless finish.

PoolEdge Australia's formwork allows you to form and pour a seamless concrete pool surround without the need of segmented bullnose headers.

With our PoolEdge System, you can enjoy the architect-designed look your pool deserves. No awkward bullnose-edge pavers. No unsightly gaps. No subsidence and virtually no maintenance. Just PoolEdge system and surround.

Any Type of Concrete

Honed Aggregate, Exposed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone, Grey or Colour Concrete.  All can be poured around a pool to allow for that seamless, unique finish.

Any Type of Pool

Our formwork can be used on fibreglass and concrete pools. And no it won’t dislodge the tile band on the concrete pool wall.

Our Difference

The formwork is made from a special grade polystyrene which has the right amount of strength and flexibility to contour to ANY shape pool. It has been designed to allow for early striping without the need of any release agents and will not adhere to the concrete.

PVC Tile Strip

The kits for concrete pools include a PVC tile strip which is inserted into the bottom of the formwork and sits directly
on top of the tile. This strip has two functions:

  1. It acts as a flexible bond breaker preventing the concrete from dislodging the tile band.
  2. It gives the edge of your pool a clean professional finish between the tile and the bottom of the concrete.

PVC Plumb Strip

The kits for fibreglass pools include a PVC plumb strip which is fitted to the inside edge of the pool shell. This strip
has two functions:

  1. It provides a level guide to help fit the formwork
  2. It gives the edge of your pool a clean professional finish between the pool shell and the bottom of the concrete


What Can We Do?

We supply formwork kits for fibreglass and concrete pools to ensure a successful pooledge formwork installation to all of Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


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For more information please contact Jenny on 0438 793 257 or email us at [email protected]

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